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Best Augmentation Surgeon in Noida

DR. ASHISH RAI - The Best Cosmetic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation in NOIDA

Do you feel awkward amid your friends when you notice your breasts to be comparably too small? Do you want bigger breasts that could appreciate your overall appearance? If yes, then it is high time to visit Dr. Ashish Rai, the renowned breast augmentation surgeon in Noida. The expert cosmetic surgeon can enable you to attain rounder, bigger and plumper breasts.

Why Choose DR. ASHISH RAI for Breast Augmentation in NOIDA?

  • Highly qualified and experienced to transform your appearance through breast augmentation surgery.
  • Has been performing breast augmentation surgery now for many years, thus having credible experience
  • Board certified surgeon and holds recognition from highly accredited national and international plastic / cosmetic surgery boards
  • Can work effectively to help you with the look and feel of the breasts as per your expectations.
  • Holds expertise in positioningsilicone gel-filled implants as well assaline-filled breast implants.
  • The best to choose the perfect implant size and pacing it at the right position to make your breasts more accomplished.

Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery in NOIDA

The cost of breast augmentation surgery depends on the implant you choose for the surgery. The selection of surgeon and the clinic or hospital where you undergo the treatment also decide the cost. Besides you would also need to pay the additional charges such as medication, operating theater facilities, tests and checkups, etc. as the clinics usually do not include these charges in the cost of breast augmentation surgery.

Our Services

You can choose from among silicone implants, fat transfer or saline implants. All these procedures will help you to attain the fuller breasts as per your desire. Much will depend on the breast augmentation surgeon you opt for. This is where our cosmetic surgeon can prove to be the most deserving alternative for your treatment.

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