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Breast augmentation surgery is performed to increase the breast size. It is done by placing implants inside the breast tissues to give it the required shape and size. Some choose it to boost their confidence by giving their body a perfect shape whereas for some choose it due to some deformity or mishappening.

Why choose us?

We are a community with leading doctors across India delivering the best results to women who are aspiring to look better, feel confident and transform into an attractive personality. Our expert surgeons have made lives better for many women by giving them the shape that they want for themselves.

Our surgeons put focus on the smallest things to bring out the best results without compromising your comfort and looks.

  • Minimum or no scar tissues that distorts the breast implant shape
  • No pain after recovery
  • Take great care to avoid infection
  • Accurate positioning of implants
  • No damage to implants during the procedure
  • Choice of accurate procedure to pursue perfection
  • Minimum changes in the breast and nipple sensation
Various reasons to undergo Breast Augmentation surgery
  • If someone feels that their breasts are smaller in size and they want to transform them to get into a better shape to gain confidence.
  • If one is smaller than the other and there is asymmetry in their positioning
  • Need for re-surgery if the first one did not meet your expectations
  • To replace the earlier implants after 10 years on doctor’s recommendations or to change the damaged implants.

Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Inframammary fold or Sub-pectoral

It involves the direct incision beneath the breast and positioning of implants with minimal or no effects on milk producing areas.


Incision is made in the armpit or nearby areas in this type of surgery that might leave scars when you lift the arms or wear sleeveless clothes.


Preferable for women who have smaller breasts as it might affect the milk producing areas and sensation in the nippular areas with direct incision around the nipple-areolar area.

Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA)

Incision is made through the belly button in this procedure with the help of endoscopy by putting fibre optic and this is used only for insertion of saline and the positioning of implants through this method are not guaranteed.

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Ans:- This is the most frequently asked question by all the women who are undergoing surgery or want to opt for such surgery in future. We want to assure you that no breast implants have any direct connection with breast cancer and various studies have revealed that there is no hindrance in detecting breast cancer with it also.

Ans:- Women of different age groups want to go for breast augmentation surgery but get concerned if it is the right time for it or not. So if you have this question in your mind then let your doctor answer it because your medical conditions and other factors matter which only a doctor can tell.

Ans:- It varies from place to place and clinic to clinic as it depends on various factors such as what type of procedure will be performed and how much time it will take for the whole procedure.

Ans:- Women can go for walking immediately after the surgery but should not adopt any heavy exercise for at least one month. Start exercising only after the doctor will give you a clear sign for it.

Ans:- As the breast augmentation surgery and positioning of implants does not affect the milk feeding areas so you can continue breastfeeding after the surgery.