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FAQs Breast Augmentation Surgery

This surgery is performed to increase the size of the breast and improve its shape to feel more confident. Breast implants are placed under the breast tissues to give it a natural look.

Breast augmentation surgeries are performed underneath the breast tissues, around the nipple and areola, through the belly button and in the armpit according to your expectations and results that you want.

Various studies have shown that any breast surgery neither causes breast cancer among women nor does it increase the chances of getting it. It's just a myth that has been proven wrong by the researchers. Also, the implants do not affect the normal functioning of the breasts and it does not hinder any physical examination or detection of breast cancer.

After your breasts are fully mature and they are not undergoing any change then afterwards you can opt for breast augmentation surgery anytime. Usually, the average time of maturity is after the age of 20 but it may vary from person to person. So, it is recommended that you consult your surgeon and get full details for it.

Breast augmentation surgery changes the shape and size of the breasts so according to the surgeons, one must wait for at least 6 months before conceiving as after that the implants will be positioned perfectly and the changes in the body will not affect the implants afterwards.

It is a very complex situation for every woman who wants to undergo a breast augmentation surgery but is not able to decide about the implant size that she wants which will enhance her overall appearance and will suit best to body type. Well, our surgeons have several years of experience with a team of experts who will help you to choose the best size and which will fulfill your expectations.

After the surgery, the women undergo some sensational changes around the nippular areas which are temporary. It gets normalized after you fully recover from the surgery. But if the surgery has not been performed by the professional then one can permanently suffer the sensational changes.

Definitely, breast augmentation surgeries do not cause any changes in the breastfeeding areas and you can continue it. Breast is implanted below the breast tissues so it does not hamper your milk production in breasts.

You can start walking after the surgery but can not do heavy exercise for six weeks. It is prescribed that you do not stretch your arms upwards or do not do any activity that will pull your breast muscles. Lifting heavy objects also must be avoided.

It depends on what kind of work you have to do. If it includes pulling your arms or any such physical activity then you have to wait for at least six weeks before you resume the work. If your work does not include any such activity then you can continue with your office work with care.

It varies for all the women. Usually, a woman can continue her normal activities after 2 to 4 days but for the tissues to get fully mature, it might take at least 2 months and even more. You have to wait until your doctor gives you a clear sign that you can normalize your routines completely including the heavy physical exercises and activities.

After you are fully recovered, it does not interfere with your physical activities at all and you can continue with all your regular work. You can even start with your exercises.

All the implants have their usage time, after a certain period of time, you might need new implants to be positioned or there might be a case that the implant may get ruptured or broken. In all these conditions, a new implant is placed replacing the old one.

Yes, the sagging breast can be lifted with silicon or saline filled implants. According to the doctors, it depends upon the skin type of the woman whether it stretches more or keeps a firm shape with the implants.

You are prescribed to not eat anything before the surgery so that the stomach is empty. You must not take any medicine before it. If you are taking any medications then you should convey this to your surgeon and they can only take it if you can continue with those as usual or have to stop consuming it for a while.

You are suggested not to eat or drink anything before 12 hours of surgery so that your stomach is empty during the surgery. Even if there are some essential medicines that you have to take, you should swallow it with very little water, probably with only one sip.

You will be provided with a general anesthesia for your breast augmentation surgery so that you do not feel any pain during the surgery and you can stay relaxed throughout the time.

Yes, you will be called once a week or after a period of time as decided by the doctor for periodic check up to observe the progress of your recovery.

Hardening of breast implants is known as capsular contracture that occurs due to the bacterial infection, blood around implants, allergic reactions or any implant rupture from inside. This might also happen due to any carelessness during the procedure. The rate of such incidents is almost negligible with a professional as they use adequate antibiotics and use of clean and sterilized surgical instruments to prevent any such mishappening. All the surgeons on our website are well trained and have years of experience who give absolute results and fulfill your expectations.

The breast implants used by our surgeons are of very good quality manufactured by qualified companies which sustain for a longer period of time.

The cost of the implants vary according to the manufacturer and the cost of overall surgery depends upon the efficiency and experience of the doctor along with the type of the surgery that will be performed.